After the unprecedented success of her first book, it’s no wonder that she needed to get another book out that could rival Girl on a train but I’m just not sure this cuts the mustard. In all honesty, I’m probably still miffed that the film wasn’t based in London where it needed to be and so when my friend gave me this to read, I was a bit ‘meh’ about it.

There’s this stretch of water; presumably ending up with a large area that youths use to jump into from the cliffs above. There’s some kond of folk-lore surrounding this ‘drowning pool’ and after the death of her sister, Jules goes back to look after her niece. Long ans the the short of it is that it’s a murder-mystery. It is a page-turner of sorts, but I can’t see it being made into a film this time. Part of Paula Hawkins’ writing style really bugs me when she constantly jumps around from character to character and I have to go back and forth to figure out which one I’m reading about! It’s incredibly frustrating.

In summary, a standard 6 out of 10.