A short while back I raved about Baby Doll Hollie Overton’s debut novel and my gosh! This second book was amazing! I’ve just spent a good majority of the day glued to my phone reading and reading trying to work out what was going to happen.

The basic premise of this book is about a single mum who works in a prison dealing with death row inmates. Her son gets into a spot of bother at school and it turns out he’s been taking secret lessons with a judo master. The judo master plays a big part in family life and everything was going so well…till it wasn’t.

She knows what to do. How not to do it but, can she?

It’s such an easy read. The characters you can so easily get on board with – it’s just so effortless. She has a lot of detail and it feels like nothing is left out.

A brilliant little book and Hollie Overton is fast becoming one to watch. A solid 8.5 out of 10.