I’ve been a fan of Kerry’s books since the beginning – the Jessica Daniels series have been excellent reading and thoroughly enjoyable. When he diversified off with the Silver Blackthorn trilogy I wasn’t as keen but nevertheless it was a good read and they are always well written.

Two Sisters is no different. I stayed up very late to finish this one last night; which is pretty difficult for me to weigh up – focus with one eye closed on my phone screen (’cause that’s pretty much how I read all my books now, on the kindle app) after applying bloody eyedrops for my newly-acquired ‘dry-eye’ – or get some sleep for the inevitable early morning waking from any one of the three kids or the dog!

The book won and I’m pleased I stayed up – it was pretty enjoyable all the way through. Many of my questions were answered and the storyline was unique and believable: like a modern-day legend, of sorts!

The story follows, as you can imagine, two sisters – who are recently bereaved – coming to terms with the loss of their parents they travel to the family’s holiday home to set about tieing up loose ends. The eldest sister also wants to find out more about what happened to their brother, who never made it home with them 10 years prior. The setting is a little village in Cornwall so as you can imagine this plays a huge part in the setting and uses your imagination that once it was quite an area for smuggling and references lots of little coves and caves.

It’s definitely a little page-turner and well worth the £1.99 (current price on Amazon). If you want to find out more about Kerry Wilkinson other books, take a look at some of my other book reviews. This one gets a solid 7 out of 10 from me. Now on to The Girl Who Came Back…