A very well written and thought-out book.  The writing clearly characterises the family members although maybe most of it was a little cliché (stereotypical Italian mother, for example).  This took me a while to get into and even longer to finish but I’m glad I did.  However,  it’s probably not a book I’d rush to recommend nor would I want to re-read it again given a choice – that sounds bad but what I mean is that it didn’t have any page-turning elements that I’d look for in a book where I may have missed parts because I had read it so quickly.  It was just a ‘nice’ book; one I’d read on holiday or down the beach. 

Basically the book goes into the workings of an Italian family and the heartbreak of families who have had to fill the shoes of a deceased parent and the blending of families from different backgrounds.  

I’d give a rating of 4 out of 10 – the writing was brilliant but the storyline just wasn’t enough for me.  I’d look at her other books for sure though.