“…The only person you can ever really change is yourself.”

You’ll see I read the sampler the other day and couldn’t wait for the whole book.  Thanks to NetGalley for this digital copy preview.

This book is a must read. You’ll honestly want to scream at Emma and Jane to wake up and see him for what he really is! It’s definitely a page turner and a glimpse into how life is going to be…it’s actually quite worrying to think technology can play such a part in our demise.  It’ll make you crave the times where life was simpler; no mobile phones, no internet, because you can begin to understand that you were somehow safer back then: freer.

There’s more twists to this book than a roller-coaster! I’m not sure, even having now read it, who was actually telling the truth?  Beautifully written and captivating. I could imagine One Folgate Street with all its blandness mixed with high-technology.  I do have some questions left unanswered but overall I would highly recommend this book.

A certain 9 out of 10. It won’t take you long to read it; you’ll want to stay up all night.