Although there is a seemingly long list of well known authors, for whom I have a lot of respect, backing this book I think it’s just me but I really didn’t feel this book.

It took me till at least a quarter of the way through to get into it; I didn’t remember the characters and whether it was the editing or  not I’m not sure but it seemed to flit around a bit and felt like there were bits missing.

I liked the second half much better, it really got more into things.  Some of the twists were well thought out and unique. However, I didn’t feel it had the depth of storyline to be a page-turner, certainly nothing like a Harlan Coben or Linwood Barclay in my opinion.  I would have bought this if it was on offer but I don’t think I’d have paid full price and been happy about it.

Kelly is a pretty forgettable character.  Shane even more so. Bellamy was definitely a main character as was Rocky three but neither of those seemed to get known properly and as for Vee? Really? Yeah, really wasn’t keen on this one. a real shame actually but only a 3.5 out of 10 for me.  It certainly wasn’t the masterpiece I was expecting.