I really enjoyed this. I thought it was going to be a’50 shades’ wannabe but actually the plot was thought out and well executed.  It seems like this is in a series so I’m not sure whether this is the first in the series or not but actually, if it’s not then it definitely was a stand-alone read.

The characters seem to have depth and you really do begin to understand how they tick. It’s a will-they/won’t-they throughout with some steamy sex scenes to boot (that are not cheesy or cringe, thankfully). Overall, a good read that at the end, definitely makes you want to hit the slopes and ski all day…

Undecided on the score, I wanted to find the time to read this – and quickly – but, I don’t know: maybe I wanted more at the end? erm a 6.5 out of 10. Actually,  no  7.5. It’s a well written book with a lot of elements and nor just a run of the mill chick-lit book.