I’ve got to admit, this guy really ignited my passion back into reading since he published ‘Locked In’ on Amazon to see if he could turn his hand to writing and he quickly became one of my all time favourite authors. Boy done good!

This stand-alone novel is a good show-case for his work. His genre is British Crime/Thriller and it does make me wonder how ‘underground’ he gets because although some aspects were a bit Hollywood for me, his writing style is truly a reflection of the British crime and the descriptions make me pleased to not be part of it!  He’s not excessively graphic but descriptive about places, people and locations and I think that is key.  It does make me think though that he’s very much a Southerner up North 🙂 (and loving it).  I wouldn’t want to make my way to Manchester though…not if this sort of stuff happens.

This novel follows a tripartite childhood agreement; not dissimilar to many youths of today. Maybe a bit far-fetched but you have to elaborate on the mundane existence of a good majority of school-friends to make a best-seller!  The inevitable love interest and the bad-boys make this an altogether interesting read.  I devoured it in a matter of hours to be amongst the first to review this, courtesy of NetGalley.

I love the Jessica Daniels books and enjoyed the first of the Silver Blackthorn trilogy (but it was a bit too same-y as a very well known other book series that has now been turned into a major motion picture) so for me, I’d rather the crime novels.

If you’ve never heard of Kerry Wilkinson I urge you to read some of his stuff. He’s like a British Harlan Coben.

A good 8 out of 10? I’d have given more but I guessed a bit of the ending so the suspense and surprise eluded me this time.