Yes, THE Graham Norton! Actually,  I was interested to read this because,  no doubt, like others, I’d probably wanted to be one to suggest he stuck to the day job but actually I found it beautifully written!  Not in a flouncey way, it just was very good and not at all what I imagined.  Set in Ireland, it was a story about the goings on in a small village; the talk and gossip and the secrets and the effect it has on people’s lives.

It may not be my kind of thing and it wasn’t a page turner – for me, anyway – but I did want to find out what happened, especially once the second discovery was made, and it kept me gripped enough.  Definitely a good start to writing in my opinion and I wouldn’t turn down a read of a second book.

Hmm, a 6 out of 10? Not a disappointing read but not gritty enough to be a page-turner.