I chose this book from NetGalley as the description stuck a chord with me.  I’ll never wish anyone to experience true fear but you’ll know when someone has.

The description of the aftermath of a traumatic event such as this is pretty spot on; you are afraid of your own shadow – of everything and everyone – it’s terrifying. It changes the person you were and shapes the person you are now.

This story pretty much is a feel-good tale that works out in the end – though not for everyone.  Right from the beginning she conveyed the simplicity of Maddy’s that simply life turned upside downing an instant.  It really could have been set anywhere but it didn’t matter so much as the story was about Maddy’s journey and how to live with what happened.

It was good to read. Not harrowing or explicit but just one of those books that brings you back to reality and makes you grateful for the simple things that we often whinge so freely about. It’s always worth remembering that there are millions who would crave to have our lifestyles; we really do have to count our blessings.

A thought provoking 8 out of 10 from me.