On a roll right now; 3 books read over three days. I’ve read more on these school holidays than I’ve read in a very long time!  I think it helped only to look after one sprog today and said sprog was mostly entertained by a PS3 in the children’s ward whilst waiting for his grommets operation!  I digress…

Sophie Kinsella has been a favourite author of mine since the first ‘Shopaholic…’ book was released though I found some of the more recent ones a bit cringe and thought I’d grown out of her stuff but I actually really enjoyed this one – a couple of laugh out loud bits (actual lol) quite unusual for me! – and a pretty poignant quote “Youth is still where you left it and that’s where it should stay.   Anything that was worth taking on life’s journey you’ll have already have taken with you.” So true. Bravo.

I couldn’t wait to see whether they did or didn’t and it was total cheese but I loved it. Not award winning or anything you understand,  just a fab little book.  Like dancing to nineties club classics on a mum’s night out.

So, back off the fence from Sophie Kinsella but maybe she ought to digress entirely from the Shopaholic series; it’s definitely had it’s day in my opinion but she is still a great writer.

Hmm a 7? Maybe a bit unfair bit it wasn’t wow! So yeah: 7 out of 10.