This book was a free read from NetGalley. However, I found the characters totally loveable because guaranteed you have friends just like these and it made you wish you too could gather up those fresh-relationship feelings and bottle them forever!

I couldn’t say the story line was new and enigmatic but I certainly wanted to read more and find out how it all panned out for everyone.  Whilst some of the story lines were definitely new to me to read and somewhat different, and, in some respects sensitively handled, I did feel it were perhaps a bit close to the line in some chapters and should I be in that predicament myself would feel for any readers having to see those kind of reactions in characters but I guess it happens!

It was a page turner in a good-summer-read kind of way and I would have been happy to buy a copy for my holiday read and wouldn’t have been disappointed but everything ties off ‘nicely’ and there aren’t really many twists or turns.
Overall though, worth a read and I’d give it a 7 out of 10.